The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

My maternal grandparents, James Martin and Louisiana Peterson lived in Richfield, Utah. Grandfather owned the Peterson Bank and many other business establishments in that small Utah town. He also served in many Priesthood leadership positions in the LDS Church. Because of these business and Church responsibilities, he and Grandmother often traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah where they always arranged for a room at the Hotel Utah. On each visit, they would bring along one of their nine children.

During one of their stays at the Hotel Utah, Grandmother made an appointment at a beauty salon near by to have a marcel. A marcel is a deep artificial wave in the hair. Today we would call that a perm. When Grandmother was finished with her appointment, she walked back to the Hotel Utah and entered the imposing front doors off South Temple. Grandfather and their young daughter, Mary Deane, waited on the second floor balcony watching for Grandmother to return. When Grandmother walked through the entrance of the hotel, Grandfather noticed her immediately and commented to his little girl, “Here comes the most beautiful woman in the world.” 

Because he passed on before I was born, I never knew Grandfather Peterson, but I feel his spirit and the deep love that he had for my grandmother when I am in the Joseph Smith Building. When there I like to go to the second floor balcony and look down at the main entrance. I imagine my beautiful grandmother, head held high, coming into that elegant lobby of the Hotel Utah, and I hear my Grandfather’s voice: “Here comes the most beautiful woman in the world.” 

By: Paulette P. Yaets

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  1. June 29, 2011 at 2:34 pm, Michelle Powell said:

    That brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing!


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